Friday, 27 July 2012

Work it out

So here it is people, the confession of a serial lounger. I love nothing more than to curl up on the sofa and watch the tv rather than doing more energetic things. I have however noticed that recently things have felt a little tighter than usual and my gorgeous vintage dress that i bought at the Manchester Vintage fair has yet to be worn. This my dears will not do! I have made a decision to get buff, oh yes its on!!

I joined the Viva fit group on Facebook that the gorgeous Ashley of Lisa Freemont Street with all the best intentions of getting fit and toning up. This was the plan anyhow! Needless to say that i have paid for my gym subscription and my gym bag had remained firmly in the bottom of my wardrobe, unused..... until now!!!

I have decided that instead of sitting on my ass and feeling glum about not being able to wear my gorgeous frocks, i am going to go to the gym and try to make a few more healthy decisions on what i eat.

I have indeed dusted off my gym bag and i have been sticking to my new workout schedule for a few weeks now. I am feeling the burn and walking a little like John Wayne at times from the hard work I'm putting in to a Barbarella style toned body. Trust me i am a woman on a mission... a mission for tones legs and sculpted curves any pinup would be proud to show off.

So if any of you are out there having the same thoughts and want to get involved feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what your doing to get fit or any healthy recipes that you have tried and found delicious let me know! It will only give me more motivation at those times when i would rather stay an extra half hour in bed haha.

Hugs and Kisses

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Great British Summer Holiday!

I know those five words aren't normally associated with one another most of the time as people prefer to take a holiday abroad. But being the vintage lover i am, i thought i would take more time to do what was the only option for people back in the golden age and find some hidden treasures within the good old English countryside.

Nothing says a good English holiday than spending a  few days in Wales so I packed my trusty boots and I set off with my lovely fella  to Caenarfon. I had a gorgeous view from where i was staying across the cow field.

We only went for a few days but packed as much as we could of the local sights into the time we were there. One of the days was spent at the beach.

Luckily we caught some good weather as its been crazy recently and lets face it (all those that are in England at the minute will tell you) there hasn't been much of a summer here.

It was really nice to be somewhere new and go for walks in such a gorgeous town.

I went to the castle on the other day i was there. This castle is famous for being the place where Prince Charles was made the Prince of Wales.

Caernarfon Castle 1994.jpg

I had a wonderful meal at a local restaurant called the black boy inn. If your ever there please do call in and give their food i try i cannot say enough great things about it. It was DELICIOUS!!!!!!

All in all i had a great time exploring the wonders of the Wales with a view of exploring something new in August.

Hope your having a great summer!

Hugs and Kisses