Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Vintage on the highstreet part deux

So the weather is most definitely taken a turn, a nip is in the air ans the heavens have opened. Autumn is most certainly on its way!

As many of you vintage lovelies will appreciate, summer is super easy to dress for as all you need to do is slip on a full skirted sun dress and some sandals and your pretty much set to go. Winter for me is much, much harder to style outfits for as i still want to have a vintage flair and keep warm on those cold and usually rainy days here in the North of England.

As the highstreet stores have been stocking up on their new lines for autumn and winter i have come across some vintage inspired gems that are on my wish list and i thought i would share them with you.

 Miss Selfridge
These high waisted trousers from Miss Selfridge are a wonderful deep green that would look great with a sweater tucked into them or something a little more flashy to dress them up for an evening  out. The colour is really what attracted me to them. It's not a colour i really own but i have a few things

Miss Selfridge
I have found that Miss Selfridge has been truly inspired of late by the release of The Great Gatsby as many of the highstreet shops have been. Let me tell you i have been loving the trend and it will be a shame to see it go out of the shops. This is one of my favourite party dresses i can just see this one teamed with a little fur shrug strutting around with a champagne glass in hand. Not that i have any parties to attend to in that attire but hey nothing wrong with a bit of glamour in your life.

Dorothy Perkins

 I adore this little top it's simple, chic and easy to create an outfit around. A definite wardrobe staple.

Dorothy Perkins
Shoes are one of the areas i find the hardest to think about when it comes to vintage inspired winter attire. I fell in love with these little boots it's also a plus that they come in burgundy and black so you can get the colour that will go with the most outfits.

Burgundy (Red) Burgundy Sweetheart Lace Midi Dress | 290416667 | New Look
New Look
This dress would certainly put a wiggle in my walk. Plus who can resist a nice bit of lace hey! I love the teal version of this dress too, if i could i would have both but i must restrain myself.

Forever 21
Now this jacket might not be to everyones taste but try to imagine pairing this up with some cigarette pants, a sweater and some moccasins i think it would make a really cute outfit. Have i convinced you yet? haha

Image 4 of Pop Boutique Coco Dress with Collar
Last but not least i saw this super cute 60s inspired dress. I love the contrasting cuffs and collar and i think that in this blue you could wear it throughout the winter and take it into next spring as well.

Hope you i bought you some inspiration for when payday comes along. Let me know what you guys have found on the highstreet or online and leave me a link in the comments. I love hearing from you all.

Hugs and Kisses

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Eliza M vintage sewing - The Betty Dress

Ladies I have to level with you... I am in love with a dress.
I am a little bias because it is a dress made by my own fair hand but nevertheless I can safely say it is gorgeous.

Whenever i go to these 'alternative' stores i see countless cotton dresses with that rockabilly flare that i simply adore. However being a keen sewer and always looking at how things are cut or at how things are made and of the have lining etc. I am always reluctant to part with my hard earned cash on a cotton dress that i could probably make myself for a lot less.

I discovered Eliza M Vintage patterns a while ago and was totally hooked on the lovely designs that are available on her site. She was kind enough to send me a pattern to try out and I chose the Betty pattern as it is so much like those cute summer 50's dresses i love so much. Although she was nice enough to send me this pattern, let me tell you it would be something that i would gladly spend my money on.

The pattern came in lovely packaging with clear sewing instructions and diagrams for you to follow. One thing i would say from having to alter the pattern for my own personal sizing is to make sure you measure yourself correctly. With her patterns only coming in single sizes rather than the multi-size patterns you may have seen before, it is important that you purchase the pattern that fits your measurements the best. Remember it's easier to make things smaller with a few adjustments than it is to make things bigger!

The pattern is listed on the site as a good beginner pattern and i would have to agree. It comprises of 6 main pieces; 3 for the bodice and 3 for the skirt with the bodice having 2 darts in the front for shaping. There is also a concealed zip which is something i was new to but it's easy to put in.

The pattern is of as high a quality as other commercial patterns with good clear instructions and easy to follow diagrams that help construct the garment correctly. The dress took about a day to make; from cutting to the finished project including the adjustments i had to make for my awkward personal shape which is a very reasonable time for such a wonderful end result.

I decided to add pipping onto the collar of this dress. This step isn't part of the pattern. I added it to bring out the pink in this floral fabric and i think it makes a nice little touch. I also made the strap a little thicker than the pattern stated for my own personal preference.

I found this dress so easy and enjoyable to make that i am already planning my next one!

Feel free to check out Eliza's range on the website as she has just added some new designs which are equally as fabulous plus she ships internationally so that's a major bonus for all you ladies not in our fair old isle.

Hugs and Kisses

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Be my Valentine

Image Source

So it's that time where everyone gets super gushy to the one they love and romance is in the air. I have never been a super fan of valentines day i will have to admit but i am a hopeless romantic so i do enjoy the countless chick flicks that appear on my TV around this time haha. Whether you are going on a date for Valentines day or not it's important to look nice for yourself right???
So my brand new copy of Vintage Life Magazine arrived on my doorstep the other week with an apt Valentines day theme running through it and I was taken aback by the front cover, it was simply beautiful.

Now i have never really taken inspiration from the 60's that much. To be honest, the desired body shape of the straight up and down mod girl is simply not me. However, since getting my hair cut shorter i have been dusting off the old straighteners and the cut, when styled straight does have a 60's edge to it (as unintentional as that was i kinda like it!)

Image Source

I was so inspired by this new found love of the era that i created my own take on a sweet Valentines day look that i wanted to share with you lovelies.

I only really used two pallets for this look; The Naked Pallet from Urban Decay and mt Coastal Sense shimmer pallet. These aren't essential to recreating this kind of look so feel free to replace any of the colours and products with what you already have at home.
Firstly i went ahead and put on my foundation, concealer and filled my brows. Next i put on some eyeshadow primer. I used Mac paint pot in soft ochre but there are plenty of other brands you can try.

I used the colour Sin from the Urban Decay Naked pallet as a base colour all over the lid. I dabbed a little on of the colour Virgin in the inner corner and just in the arch of the brow.

To add a little more warmth to the look i added Naked to the crease with a fluffy brush and blended it so that there were no harsh lines.

I then took this colour from my Coastal Sense shimmer pallet:
and used a small brush to cut the crease with this colour.

I then went back to my Naked pallet and used Hustle to create a V shape in the outer corner of the eye making sure that you don't take the colour down any further than where you would wing your eyeliner out.

After this i used a fluffy brush to blend those colours a little and create a softer crease than that of the cover photo.

I added a little more of the Hustle just to darken that outer corner once more,

 lined my eyes with a wing like i normally would using Loreal's Super liner and added a good coat of Benefit Bad Gall Lash mascara and i was good to go! I think some Falsies would go great with this look but i don't tend to wear them in the day so i left them out but a true 60's girl would have put those bad boys on haha.

So here is the finished product, my take on a 60's inspired Valentines day look.I think it's very different for me but it was super fun to do it!

 What have you lovelies got planned for Valentines or if you have tried a look that's new to you and loved it? Let me know i love hearing from you guys.

Hugs and Kisses

Thursday, 24 January 2013

J'adore Dior

Recently a lovely friend gave me a book on one of my favourite designers, Christian Dior and its has taught me a lot that i didn't know; not only about the man behind the clothes but about the real and lasting influence he has had on the fashion world.

Image source

Now Dior is responsible for (in my opinion) the single most influential fashion collection after the war; the New Look line. Us vintage ladies who are interested in the 40's and 50's are very taken with the silhouette of a tiny waist and huge flared skirt that Dior's line created and the complete contrast that posed to the sensible and streamlined garments of the war years.

Image source

Image source

Image source

It was images of these dresses that made my love of vintage fashion what it is and i would love nothing more than to be able to own a piece like these but alas i haven't won the lottery yet or magically dropped a fair few inches on my waistline to be able to actually wear something like this but a girl can dream right?
In fact, Dior himself called his models mannequins so you know i shan't feel too bad about it haha

Dior himself was a plain and elegant man who shied away from the attention his New Look line gave him. The line launched in 1947 and he became an immediate celebrity and struggled to cope with his new found fame; so much so that he would take leave and travel abroad to gain inspiration for his new collections; away from the hustle and bustle of Paris and the media. Dior was in his 40's when he made his entrance into the fashion world and unfortunately had only 10 years to make his mark until his death.

There are certain designers that i cherish and look to for inspiration in my own designs and Christian Dior is and will always remain one of those designers. His use of structure and detailing can still be seen today not only in the modern Dior collections but throughout the fashion world. It's interesting to learn about the life of this man and how he managed to change the face of fashion and reinstate Paris as the fashion capital.

Let me know if you enjoyed this little venture into the New Look line and if you guys would be interested in a series looking at his other legendary designs.

Hugs and Kisses

Friday, 11 January 2013

Have you heard?

Ladies have i got news for you! I have discovered a wonderful company that sells vintage reproduction patterns based in the UK and i wanted to share it with you my dear friends.

I am a lover of vintage patterns, in fact i am a bit of an addict and love nothing more than traipsing through online sites looking for bargain patterns. Although i love vintage patterns, they can be hard work to adjust and due to our shapes changing over the years, they can be a little difficult to handle. That's why i get super excited when i discover a company like Eliza M Vintage Sewing that sell wonderful vintage reproduction patterns.

Eliza M Vintage Sewing

Eliza offers a wonderful selection of patterns on her site from dresses that the stars of the silver screen old would be happy to wear to Swing trousers that the hardest of jivers would dance in to their hearts content. 

I was interested to learn a bit more about Eliza and her company and she was kind enough to answer everything i wanted to know.

Where has your love of Vintage sparked from?

I have been intrigued with vintage style since I was a young girl.My grandma used
to take me jiving and my uncle used to always wear his hair in a quiff 
and dress like a rockabilly and drive us all around in his vintage bench 
seat fifties car! So my interest in the forties and fifties really 
stemmed from their early influence.
Is vintage dress something you do yourself and if so do you do it on a daily basis or just for special occasions?
Obviously I make the majority of my own clothes using my dress patterns 
so I wear vintage style all the time,I don't wear genuine vintage as I 

way too many of my own design clothes in my wardrobe to ever go out and 
buy anymore!

What, in your opinion are 3 things a vintage girl cannot be without?

red lipstick
a full swing dress

What is your favorite old movie?

This is a difficult one for me as I love so many of them but anything 
at all with Doris Day, though Barbara Streisand in the Way We Were is a 
favourite too.
I tend to rewind and rewind to study the costumes in old movies, oh I 
love the Prince and the Showgirl too!
picture source

Who is your style icon and why?

My style icons are varied, but really how can you not be impressed with 
Jackie Onassis and Greta Garbo!
picture source

 How did Eliza M sewing company get started?

I started sewing relatively late in life as I was fed up with never 
finding anything I liked or anything that really fitted me and flattered 
me in places I wanted to be flattered! I started with vintage sewing 
patterns but found them too difficult as i am self taught and the 
beginning phases were challenging to say the least. I absolutely knew I 
wanted to sew vintage though so I found a pattern cutter who cut me a 
simple pattern in vintage style that was easy for me to make. After that 
there was no stopping me! I thought that maybe there were other women 
who might benefit from the patterns I had had made for my own use, and 
so Eliza M was born!

Where do you get your inspiration for your patterns from?

This comes from style icons,for example the Jackie suit pattern was 
inspired by the beautiful Jackie Onassis
picture source
the Grace dress was inspired by another stunning style icon Grace Kelly.
picture source

Which are your Favorite patterns you have made and why?

My favourite pattern is the Betty pattern, she is so flattering and 
fun, and so easy to make and you can really think about using different 
fabric combinations for the collar and bodice. I have made her a few 
times now and still have so many ideas for her.I don't think I will ever 
get bored of her.

 Do you have any tips for the budding vintage entrepreneur on getting yourself and your business out there?

Do something you love. Do your homework and research. Work with only 
the best people you can find. Be patient. Work hard. Get a good website!

My favourite patterns on the site include of course the Betty dress as pictured above,

The Peggy Dress

And don't even get me started on the patterns for this blouse and swing trousers. They are a must have!

Needless to say i am more than delighted that i came across these patterns and i will be adding several of these patterns into my collection! Her patterns are very reasonably priced and as little bonus for all you Ladies and Gents outside the UK, she ships internationally!!

My experience talking to Eliza was a delight so please check out her site by clicking here and you can also find her on Twitter and give her a like on Facebook  too.

Hugs and Kisses

Sunday, 6 January 2013

New beginnings!

Lovelies! How i have missed you all. With Christmas and New Year i have been super busy and have hardly had time to sit and have a cuppa let alone do anything else. But as everything settles down to the norm, there is more time for the fun things in life.

So how did you all enjoy the festivities? I for one had a great time and i have come up with so many wonderful ideas for the old blog i just cant wait to share them with you all!

Lets start with the exciting business of Christmas. Where to begin i received such amazing and thoughtful gifts. To be honest with you all, i didn't really expect to get any vintage prezzies as i know that if you are not interested in that kind of thing it can be hard to know what someone might like never mind where to get it from but...How about this then ladies:

A vintage fur stole! When i opened this i was gobsmacked. My mum is such a love she really knows me through and through. I think it's so stylish and a little more subtle than say a fox stole, it's right up my street. I will surely be doing an outfit post featuring this beauty soon.

I received this great retro 40's radio that will look super in my sewing room and will certainly come in  handy with all the new sewing projects i have up my sleeve for this coming year (hint, hint)

My fellas lovely mum included in my present this pattern that i have been lusting over since it came out. It is this pattern by Butterick in collaboration with the gorgeous Gertie. I have to save a little more money for the right wool for my coat as it takes quiet a bit but its going to be one of those pieces that will be timeless.

Last but not least the love of my life who, despite my constant chatter of vintage this and vintage that picked up on my love for this particular magazine and bought me a subscription which i couldn't be happier with! You can find Vintage Life Magazine online at If you haven't checked it out yet Go Do It!! I love it!

Not only that but he came home with these awesome shoes by irregular choice! He thought they were "so me" (Isn't he a love haha) and you know what... he was spot on. I have been wanting a pair of irregular choice shoes for a while and i have no doubt these will be the first of a fair few.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new year and i would love to hear what Santa bought you.

Hugs and Kisses