Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Vintage on the highstreet part deux

So the weather is most definitely taken a turn, a nip is in the air ans the heavens have opened. Autumn is most certainly on its way!

As many of you vintage lovelies will appreciate, summer is super easy to dress for as all you need to do is slip on a full skirted sun dress and some sandals and your pretty much set to go. Winter for me is much, much harder to style outfits for as i still want to have a vintage flair and keep warm on those cold and usually rainy days here in the North of England.

As the highstreet stores have been stocking up on their new lines for autumn and winter i have come across some vintage inspired gems that are on my wish list and i thought i would share them with you.

 Miss Selfridge
These high waisted trousers from Miss Selfridge are a wonderful deep green that would look great with a sweater tucked into them or something a little more flashy to dress them up for an evening  out. The colour is really what attracted me to them. It's not a colour i really own but i have a few things

Miss Selfridge
I have found that Miss Selfridge has been truly inspired of late by the release of The Great Gatsby as many of the highstreet shops have been. Let me tell you i have been loving the trend and it will be a shame to see it go out of the shops. This is one of my favourite party dresses i can just see this one teamed with a little fur shrug strutting around with a champagne glass in hand. Not that i have any parties to attend to in that attire but hey nothing wrong with a bit of glamour in your life.

Dorothy Perkins

 I adore this little top it's simple, chic and easy to create an outfit around. A definite wardrobe staple.

Dorothy Perkins
Shoes are one of the areas i find the hardest to think about when it comes to vintage inspired winter attire. I fell in love with these little boots it's also a plus that they come in burgundy and black so you can get the colour that will go with the most outfits.

Burgundy (Red) Burgundy Sweetheart Lace Midi Dress | 290416667 | New Look
New Look
This dress would certainly put a wiggle in my walk. Plus who can resist a nice bit of lace hey! I love the teal version of this dress too, if i could i would have both but i must restrain myself.

Forever 21
Now this jacket might not be to everyones taste but try to imagine pairing this up with some cigarette pants, a sweater and some moccasins i think it would make a really cute outfit. Have i convinced you yet? haha

Image 4 of Pop Boutique Coco Dress with Collar
Last but not least i saw this super cute 60s inspired dress. I love the contrasting cuffs and collar and i think that in this blue you could wear it throughout the winter and take it into next spring as well.

Hope you i bought you some inspiration for when payday comes along. Let me know what you guys have found on the highstreet or online and leave me a link in the comments. I love hearing from you all.

Hugs and Kisses