Thursday, 20 June 2013

Eliza M vintage sewing - The Betty Dress

Ladies I have to level with you... I am in love with a dress.
I am a little bias because it is a dress made by my own fair hand but nevertheless I can safely say it is gorgeous.

Whenever i go to these 'alternative' stores i see countless cotton dresses with that rockabilly flare that i simply adore. However being a keen sewer and always looking at how things are cut or at how things are made and of the have lining etc. I am always reluctant to part with my hard earned cash on a cotton dress that i could probably make myself for a lot less.

I discovered Eliza M Vintage patterns a while ago and was totally hooked on the lovely designs that are available on her site. She was kind enough to send me a pattern to try out and I chose the Betty pattern as it is so much like those cute summer 50's dresses i love so much. Although she was nice enough to send me this pattern, let me tell you it would be something that i would gladly spend my money on.

The pattern came in lovely packaging with clear sewing instructions and diagrams for you to follow. One thing i would say from having to alter the pattern for my own personal sizing is to make sure you measure yourself correctly. With her patterns only coming in single sizes rather than the multi-size patterns you may have seen before, it is important that you purchase the pattern that fits your measurements the best. Remember it's easier to make things smaller with a few adjustments than it is to make things bigger!

The pattern is listed on the site as a good beginner pattern and i would have to agree. It comprises of 6 main pieces; 3 for the bodice and 3 for the skirt with the bodice having 2 darts in the front for shaping. There is also a concealed zip which is something i was new to but it's easy to put in.

The pattern is of as high a quality as other commercial patterns with good clear instructions and easy to follow diagrams that help construct the garment correctly. The dress took about a day to make; from cutting to the finished project including the adjustments i had to make for my awkward personal shape which is a very reasonable time for such a wonderful end result.

I decided to add pipping onto the collar of this dress. This step isn't part of the pattern. I added it to bring out the pink in this floral fabric and i think it makes a nice little touch. I also made the strap a little thicker than the pattern stated for my own personal preference.

I found this dress so easy and enjoyable to make that i am already planning my next one!

Feel free to check out Eliza's range on the website as she has just added some new designs which are equally as fabulous plus she ships internationally so that's a major bonus for all you ladies not in our fair old isle.

Hugs and Kisses