Sunday, 6 January 2013

New beginnings!

Lovelies! How i have missed you all. With Christmas and New Year i have been super busy and have hardly had time to sit and have a cuppa let alone do anything else. But as everything settles down to the norm, there is more time for the fun things in life.

So how did you all enjoy the festivities? I for one had a great time and i have come up with so many wonderful ideas for the old blog i just cant wait to share them with you all!

Lets start with the exciting business of Christmas. Where to begin i received such amazing and thoughtful gifts. To be honest with you all, i didn't really expect to get any vintage prezzies as i know that if you are not interested in that kind of thing it can be hard to know what someone might like never mind where to get it from but...How about this then ladies:

A vintage fur stole! When i opened this i was gobsmacked. My mum is such a love she really knows me through and through. I think it's so stylish and a little more subtle than say a fox stole, it's right up my street. I will surely be doing an outfit post featuring this beauty soon.

I received this great retro 40's radio that will look super in my sewing room and will certainly come in  handy with all the new sewing projects i have up my sleeve for this coming year (hint, hint)

My fellas lovely mum included in my present this pattern that i have been lusting over since it came out. It is this pattern by Butterick in collaboration with the gorgeous Gertie. I have to save a little more money for the right wool for my coat as it takes quiet a bit but its going to be one of those pieces that will be timeless.

Last but not least the love of my life who, despite my constant chatter of vintage this and vintage that picked up on my love for this particular magazine and bought me a subscription which i couldn't be happier with! You can find Vintage Life Magazine online at If you haven't checked it out yet Go Do It!! I love it!

Not only that but he came home with these awesome shoes by irregular choice! He thought they were "so me" (Isn't he a love haha) and you know what... he was spot on. I have been wanting a pair of irregular choice shoes for a while and i have no doubt these will be the first of a fair few.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new year and i would love to hear what Santa bought you.

Hugs and Kisses 


  1. Those are fabulous pressies, especially the stole and the shoes. There's surely an outfit that will allow for both of those items? I got lots of vintage lovelies too, bags, dresses, little vintage capelet.

    1. Lucky lady! those all sound wonderful! it's so nice when people go out of their way to buy you a vintage piece isn't it. Especially if they aren't into it themselves.