Monday, 17 December 2012

Car booty.

In some unusual circumstances i was up at 6am on Sunday morning. So what better thing to do when your awake several hours before you need to be getting ready for work than go to a good old car boot sale. There is a local boot sale that is on here every Sunday, rain or shine. Last time i was able to go i went a little late and found it pretty lame however this time i was there bright and early with a keen eye for a vintage treasure. Needless to say i picked up a few beauties including my Christmas day dress; so i thought i would share them with you guys.

I picked up this gorgeous 60's dress with a peter pan collar.

It's a great fit and i just love the colours.

I also picked up this great leather bag. I think its 70's and although out of the eras that i tend to stick in i love it and couldn't resist picking it up.

I picked up this lovely cable knit jumper. It's a modern piece but with the right styling i think it will look fab. Plus it's super warm and it has been chilly here in the UK.

Last but by no means least i picked up this great green dress with matching belt. This is definitely going to be my Christmas outfit. Not what i had in mind to begin with but its so lovely. I love it

I hope you liked my little thrifted haul, I'm sure there will be some outfit posts coming soon.
I would love to know what treasures you guys have found recently.

 Hugs and Kisses


  1. Peter Pan collars AND a cable jumper with buttons on the shoulder? Two of my favourite things! All of my finds recently have been house related so I don't have very much to share, but hopefully the Christmas swag will brighten things up! x

    1. I had some good luck this time. Ooo Christmas swag you'll have to let me know what you get xx

  2. That Peter Pan collar is simply fantastic! Granted they're having a bit of a moment these days on the trend front, but us vintage loving lasses know that they're been the bees knees for ages and have - and will - always sought them out.

    Happiest New Year's wishes, dear Ana!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I love all of your purchases. I love the 70s handbag most because I adore the 70s decade, it's my favorite! The sweater is really pretty too! Perfect for the harsh winters and would look wonderful with tea length skirts! :)


    1. You know what...I haven't stopped using this handbag since i got it. I love it!!!