Thursday, 24 January 2013

J'adore Dior

Recently a lovely friend gave me a book on one of my favourite designers, Christian Dior and its has taught me a lot that i didn't know; not only about the man behind the clothes but about the real and lasting influence he has had on the fashion world.

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Now Dior is responsible for (in my opinion) the single most influential fashion collection after the war; the New Look line. Us vintage ladies who are interested in the 40's and 50's are very taken with the silhouette of a tiny waist and huge flared skirt that Dior's line created and the complete contrast that posed to the sensible and streamlined garments of the war years.

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It was images of these dresses that made my love of vintage fashion what it is and i would love nothing more than to be able to own a piece like these but alas i haven't won the lottery yet or magically dropped a fair few inches on my waistline to be able to actually wear something like this but a girl can dream right?
In fact, Dior himself called his models mannequins so you know i shan't feel too bad about it haha

Dior himself was a plain and elegant man who shied away from the attention his New Look line gave him. The line launched in 1947 and he became an immediate celebrity and struggled to cope with his new found fame; so much so that he would take leave and travel abroad to gain inspiration for his new collections; away from the hustle and bustle of Paris and the media. Dior was in his 40's when he made his entrance into the fashion world and unfortunately had only 10 years to make his mark until his death.

There are certain designers that i cherish and look to for inspiration in my own designs and Christian Dior is and will always remain one of those designers. His use of structure and detailing can still be seen today not only in the modern Dior collections but throughout the fashion world. It's interesting to learn about the life of this man and how he managed to change the face of fashion and reinstate Paris as the fashion capital.

Let me know if you enjoyed this little venture into the New Look line and if you guys would be interested in a series looking at his other legendary designs.

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  1. I very much enjoyed this blog entry. I had no idea Christian Dior had so little time from his rise in fashion until his death. What a lasting legacy!
    Bella @ sea and salt

    1. Thanks Bella. I have been glued to the pages of this book it's been so interesting. If only we had seen a bit more from him hey, who knows what he could have come up with.

  2. great blog! check out mine, if you want :)