Thursday, 7 February 2013

Be my Valentine

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So it's that time where everyone gets super gushy to the one they love and romance is in the air. I have never been a super fan of valentines day i will have to admit but i am a hopeless romantic so i do enjoy the countless chick flicks that appear on my TV around this time haha. Whether you are going on a date for Valentines day or not it's important to look nice for yourself right???
So my brand new copy of Vintage Life Magazine arrived on my doorstep the other week with an apt Valentines day theme running through it and I was taken aback by the front cover, it was simply beautiful.

Now i have never really taken inspiration from the 60's that much. To be honest, the desired body shape of the straight up and down mod girl is simply not me. However, since getting my hair cut shorter i have been dusting off the old straighteners and the cut, when styled straight does have a 60's edge to it (as unintentional as that was i kinda like it!)

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I was so inspired by this new found love of the era that i created my own take on a sweet Valentines day look that i wanted to share with you lovelies.

I only really used two pallets for this look; The Naked Pallet from Urban Decay and mt Coastal Sense shimmer pallet. These aren't essential to recreating this kind of look so feel free to replace any of the colours and products with what you already have at home.
Firstly i went ahead and put on my foundation, concealer and filled my brows. Next i put on some eyeshadow primer. I used Mac paint pot in soft ochre but there are plenty of other brands you can try.

I used the colour Sin from the Urban Decay Naked pallet as a base colour all over the lid. I dabbed a little on of the colour Virgin in the inner corner and just in the arch of the brow.

To add a little more warmth to the look i added Naked to the crease with a fluffy brush and blended it so that there were no harsh lines.

I then took this colour from my Coastal Sense shimmer pallet:
and used a small brush to cut the crease with this colour.

I then went back to my Naked pallet and used Hustle to create a V shape in the outer corner of the eye making sure that you don't take the colour down any further than where you would wing your eyeliner out.

After this i used a fluffy brush to blend those colours a little and create a softer crease than that of the cover photo.

I added a little more of the Hustle just to darken that outer corner once more,

 lined my eyes with a wing like i normally would using Loreal's Super liner and added a good coat of Benefit Bad Gall Lash mascara and i was good to go! I think some Falsies would go great with this look but i don't tend to wear them in the day so i left them out but a true 60's girl would have put those bad boys on haha.

So here is the finished product, my take on a 60's inspired Valentines day look.I think it's very different for me but it was super fun to do it!

 What have you lovelies got planned for Valentines or if you have tried a look that's new to you and loved it? Let me know i love hearing from you guys.

Hugs and Kisses


  1. Beautiful look! I start a millinery course on valentines day - so that's my exciting valentines plan.

  2. Great blog! Following you:)
    Love your make up! And the make up from the magazine cover is absolutely amazing <3