Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Winter Warmers

When people think of vintage fashion its very easy to think of cute summer dresses and playsuits such as these:

For me, winter is the hardest time to incorporate vintage style into my everyday wardrobe. The fact that i feel  the cold all the time in the winter makes me dust off the hoodies and thicker jumpers in order to keep warm. This as you can well imagine isn't what i would like to be wearing so this year to make an effort to buy some simple pieces that will keep me warm in this coming British winter.

Wearing your faves all year round:
There are ways in which you can make your pieces last all year. One option would be layering; to either wear something under or over your dresses to keep you warm. This will allow you to still wear all your pretty dresses when jack frost nips at your nose!

Jumpers and cardigans:
I believe that for every vintage girl these items are key in the winter. As i said before they can be worn over dresses to look stylish in the coming cold months but also teamed up with a cute shirt and a pair of high waisted trousers a few jumpers have to be a staple in your wardrobe.

Photo from Fleur's Blog

Is it pants or trousers?
Whatever you call them they can be a good addition to a winter wardrobe if you get the right style. I think that high waisted trousers are definitely the way to go as not only do they look fab, you don't have to worry about the dreaded muffin top that you get with hip hugger trousers. You don't have to do away with the jeans either. Grab yourself a pair of wide leg jeans with a cuff and 50's chick is just an accessory away.

Photo from Casey's Blog 

A good stylish coat can be one of the most important things you can invest in for the winter months. Vintage coats can make a dent in your savings however they really are an investment. If you are a confident sewer it might be an option to buy a patter be it modern or vintage to sew yourself a glorious piece that will serve you for many years to come. This option can be pricey as the cost of good quality material can mount up depending on how many meters you need.

Tights, tights and more tights:
Tights or stockings are a must in the winter. Got to keep those tootsies warm and they can add that little something different to an outfit.

Photo from Modcloth

Here are some things on my wishlist, I haven't bought any of these item yet but hopefully i will be able to get some for this winter.

This coat is a pattern from the lovely Gertie for Butterick. I would love to be able to make this coat.

Plaid Set (Bouffant)
This dress is from and i think it would be a great winter dress.

Knitwear Sailor Jo Cardigan Sailor
Cardigan from I am in need of the knitwear.

Trust me these are but a few of the things on my wishlist but i wont put it all on here as this would be a SUPER LONG post!! haha 

Let me know what is on your wishlist for this winter

Hugs and kisses


  1. I've been making my coldweather 'vintage' style plans. Lots of jumpers (there's some nice vintag-y knitwear in matalan at the moment). A 40's A-line plus a pencil skirt in a wool blend/tweed and hopefully a jacket.
    I have last years coat with a fake fur collar...which is the right cut for 50's, and my sale bargain from 3 years go which is very 40's kinda coat ( looks like the one 2nd row 2nd one along but in blue wool blend..nice).
    Also looking for some vintagey long sleeve blouses to do good service over winter.
    Now retro winter footwear is my problem..other than my 40's style clog brogues I'm a bit bereft at the moment. But its impossible to find boots that fit me.

    1. Sounds like your well prepared haha. am on the lookout for some jumpers so will give matalan a little look. A tweed jacket is awsome i have seen a few about on the highstreet that would serve a retro wardrobe.
      I have the same problem with footwear. It's definitely hard to find nice vintage style boots and shoes that are suitable for winter and look nice. The granny boots might work for some but I don't think I can pull it off haha

    2. I'm finding pinterest really handy for pooling my ideas into a 'fashion moodboard' so I can pick out what I want.
      I used to have some lovely edwardian style lace up boots which were sooo comfy but they broke eventually. :( Want to find another pair like that.

  2. Hello, great post. I am so excited this year for the cold weathermonths to be upond us. I have a couple of new coats I am waiting to wear.

    I have learned the art of keeping warm during the winter. And still wear vintage. Living in the mid-west one must be prepared to face the winter-y weather.
    Here is how I learned to keep warm while wearing a skirt or dress during the winter months.
    -Coat wool is best, my coat is a mix blend of wool. During the winter I also find length is best. I always add light weight thermal jacket to line my coat for extra warmth, add a thick belt to pull in my waist to keep from looking bulky. On a really cold day my friend who did not know about the extra added under "coat" asked me if I was warm because my coat looked thin. I had to explain about my extra coat layer.
    -Slips full or half (color beige or nude to go with everything)
    -Thermal fleece pants to wear under your dresses or skirts. I got mine in two colors grey and pink. Just make sure your skirts cover your knees and you wear long enough socks so they do not peek through , such as knee high socks.
    -Socks thermal boot/ski socks, over the knee socks, and knee highs. I wear these every time I wear my boots and they keep my feet very warm. These are the kind I wear
    For over the knee socks these socks are super warm they have good knee highs, too. Another good web site for knee highs is sock dreams. I wear these under my boot socks.
    Since I wear over the knee socks I find it hard to keep the over the knee socks up over my knees. I got a pair of mens sock garters to help at keeping my socks up, these work like a dream.
    -Shoes I wear my boots out doors and bring an extra pair of shoes with me to work to change into or I'll leave a pair of shoes to change into at work. So I don't have to wear my heavy boots all day long in doors at work.
    -Leg warmers These are great to wear. I wear them under my skirts or dresses. I wear mine when I don't wear my boots and they kept my feet and legs warm. No one said anything when I wore the leg warmers with high heels. I just removed the leg warmers at work and put the leg warmers back on right after work to face the cold weather.
    I also wear these in the winter over my underwear. they are cotton tap pans and they kept me super warm paired with a slip.
    -Head scarfs Large square ones you can find these on Ebay for cheap or at your local thrift shop. Plus the head scarf does not spoil ones hair do. And I find head scarfs are a ton more warmer then hats.Plus wearing a different head scarf makes it look like I have more than one winter outfit.
    -Camisole to wear under dresses and blouses (Colors beige or nude, I find always work best). I also wear spandex or cotton type tank tops under my clothing for extra added warmth.
    -Skirts wool or thick cotton ones. Lenght over the knees skirts work best at keeping out the cold.
    -Sweaters wool pull overs, that can be layred with a button down collered blouse with the collar peeking out.
    -Cardigans all types.

    1. Great tips there mrs! Some things that i hadn't even thought of there xxx

  3. I have to add I like the tartan dress....I've got a craving to get something in tartan at the moment maybe use it for what sewing patterns call 'jumpers' but I call it a 'pinafore'.

    1. Oh i know i have been lusting over that dress for quite some time haha. I think it's definitely a timeless piece i would love to get my hands on!

  4. I'm doing me this coat is quite long but I am glad to see the end! :)