Friday, 7 September 2012

My new love

Guys and girls i feel i owe you an  explanation. During for the past week i have been otherwise distracted from my blog by my new found love and i would like to introduce you all to that love now.

It's my new sewing machine!!!!!!
Did i fool you guys into thinking i got a new man? haha probably not hey! Plus I'm kinda attached to my man and I'd quite like to keep him around haha.

My gorgeous fella kindly switched things around in our spare room (or as i prefer to call it) my sewing room so that the table i have at the moment can support this hefty beast!
I was kindly given this stunner from an uncle and i have fallen head over heels for it. I was previously sewing on a basic machine that still works a treat. However with me branching out into new territory in dressmaking and taking on different fabrics i was itching to get my hands on a new machine. Luckily i have an amazing haberdashery/sewing machine store near where i live and i would visit regularly to see if they had any reconditioned machines within my budget but i always seemed to miss out on the goodies that were on offer there. I put it down to fate myself as i have one heck of a goodie waiting for me.

Needless to say i have been to the fabric store already and picked myself up some fabric to start a few new projects including a rather special mystery project for my little sis but more on that later.Just to wet your appetite, here is the kind of thing I've been looking at!

All in all i have not been more inspired to sew than in these few weeks so watch this space there will be eye candy galore for you to feast your beadys on.

Hugs and Kisses

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