Saturday, 17 November 2012

That's just how i roll.


Victory rolls is one of those styles that any vintage gal must have in her repertoire, however they can be tricky to achieve sometimes. There are loads of tutorials on the old YouTube that offer some great tips on achieving the look from traditional 40's style to all out Rockabilly fabulousness.
As lean more to the traditional styling of victory rolls i wear mine on the smaller side. If your feeling adventurous feel free to backcomb those bad boys haha.

Here is my step by step guide to how i do my victory rolls. You will need the following:

First things first i find that this style works best (for most people) on second day hair, however my hair is thick and will hold at any time. If you have freshly washed hair pop a bit of hairspray on and brush through it to add some substance to the hair. So to tame my curly locks i have washed, blow dried and curled my hair with a curling iron and pinned it up to cool.

An alternative would be to leave your hair overnight like i have done here:

Once completely cooled, take out the pins and shake the curls loose. I prefer to have a side parting as i find it suits me better but if you like a center parting feel free to do so.

Separate a section from the top of your head to behind your ear on both sides and clip the rest of your hair at the back. These will be the sections that we will form our rolls.

Take one side and brush through the hair and add a little pomade or styling product, i use either good old brill cream or a wax based product for a little shine and hold. Starting at the bottom take two fingers and  begin to roll the ends of the hair around to form a loop.

Remove your fingers and continue to roll the hair upwards towards the scalp. Make sure you are pulling the hair taught as you roll so that the side doesn't sag down.

This tends to be the most tricky part of the style and what  has taken practice to get right. Don't give up on it if your struggling, roll the hair back down and start again and you will get it!!

Once you have the roll in place as you like it pin into place with a bobby pin through the center of the roll. I try to hide the bobby pins as best as i can as i think it makes for a more polished look. I usually use a couple of bobby pins to make sure the roll is secure and i feel confident it will stay in place when i go about my day.

Give it a good old spray with hairspray and smooth any fly aways.

Now do the same on the other side. Try to make the rolls about the same size and in the same position on the top of your head.

Hopefully the end result will look something like mine.

Now comes the fun part...the accessories!!! I love hair flowers and this hairstyle is made for them. You could go for a subtle, pinup style on the side by your ear

Or if your feeling adventurous and want to make a statement (lets face it, why wouldn't you?) add a full on bouquet haha.

I would love to know how your rolls turned out.

Hugs and Kisses


  1. I use a similar technique (actually made a breakthrough when I had my hair done at a vintage fayre and realised I shoul be rolling up not back to get proper victory rolls). My little tip is if you put hair in curlers/pin curl overnight and your hair is a bit frizzy in the moring use 'curl smoothing balm'. Not a lot just a little. Let it absorb properly before styling. I get neater result that way.

    1. Thats a great tip. I will definitely try that thanks c

  2. Beautiful! I keep trying, but they rarely turn out. Even if I do get one right, I can never get the other one to match. I love the look and will keep trying and keep reading.

  3. They can be tricky. I try to get them as even as I can. If they are out just a tiny bit a few hair flowers can hide a multitude of sins. But keep at it you will get there x

  4. The only part of this I feel qualified to comment on is the use of Brylcreem(!). I used to use it myself, but found it too greasy for my liking (a pity, as I really wanted to like it). How do you find it in that regard?

    By the way, I've passed on the Liebster Blog Award to your blog, congratulations!

    1. Thank you so much, thats so kind of you. I find brylcreem alright to add shine but for it to give any type of hold you have to use a lot and then it can be greasy. But for me it works well to smooth out frizz and add a little shine.

  5. Gorgeous rolls! I have thin, ultra straight hair and usually can't get crazy height with my rolls, but I can do some cute little ones most days, especially if my hair is already curled. I adore that you grouped three flowers together. I've definitely done two at a time in the same spot before, but don't recall trying three. I'll definitely be taking an inspiration cue from you there soon (thank you!).

    ♥ Jessica

  6. 3 flowers is definitely fun to do. It adds that extra POW to the do I think haha

  7. I love this! Your hair turned out really nice. I might have to try my hand at this :)