Monday, 7 May 2012

Manchester Vintage Fair 05/05/2012

The Manchester Vintage fair has been something i have been looking forward to for a while. Being in Manchester i am lucky enough to have access to quite a few vintage shops, however there is nothing like a fair to bring out the best in vintage attire at reasonable prices!
I went with the lovely Amy to Whitworth Hall on Manchesters Oxford Road, which i thought was a very apt venue to host it in as its a beautiful old building.

Inside the fair.

There was a good variety of stalls set out clearly and with easy access to all the treasures that were waiting to be discovered (by me haha)!!

There was an abundance of beautifull dresses, cardigans and blouses that i was just waiting to get my hands on; however as always with vintage clothing size is everything and i didnt want to get anything that needed major adjusting after i had just finished my strawberry dress and quite frankly needed things to be a tad simpler.

My first delightful discovery were thes fabulous sunglasses! Although it is renoundly rainy in Manchester it was a lovely sunny day yesterday and we can all hope for a nice summer this year and lets face it, who could resist such these babies haha.

There was an array of items to look at including a few homeware items; teacups, teapots and such like. To be honest, the fair here in Manchester was very clothing and accessory focused so there wasnt much in the way of homeware there.
I did get my hands on this gorgeous Stratton of London handbag mirror, which i absolutely fell in love with and just had to have!

The beautiful pattern on the front and bag gives that added bit of glamour whilst applying that all important bit of lippy!

I also picked up this pink gingham dress which i was lucky to find in a size that is workable with the right undergarments.

All in all i was very pleased with the fair. everything was extremely reasonably priced with the majority of things costing between £15 and £50 depending on how elaborate the item was.

Please feel free to check out the vintage fair website or follow them on facebook for updates and upcoming events at

Hugs and Kisses

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