Monday, 14 May 2012

Product Rave - Motions foaming wrap lotion

As any vintage hairstyle enthusiast will tell you, pin curls are a must in creating a 40's or 50's do. I have struggled in taming my mass of locks into sleek glossy curls with little success, that was until i got my hands on this little gem of a product.

The delightful Sam of Primped Preen N' Peachy on Youtube uses this product reqularly and I am definitely on the fan list.

Lovely Sam

To begin with, Motions foaming wrap lotion is meant to be used on wet hair ideally after you have washed your hair and before you have styled it. It can also be used to create a strong base for more modern styles including blow drying and straightening however we are here to talk about that all important pin curl.

I found that this product has the most delightful smell. It smells clean and fresh but whats most fun is that it smells of watermelon! For me, it makes all the difference from the other setting lotions that i have tried as most have a very chemically smell that, lets face it ladies, isn't what we want from a hair product.

I have used the wrap lotion several times to achieve different styles and have worked out the best way to use it to tame my curly mane of hair! Once curled, dried and taken out the curls were beautiful, bouncy and most importantly not at all crispy.
The curl stayed strong and flexible even when rained on which was a massive advantage for me as the moisture in the air attacks my hair something rotten.

You will usually find it in the ethnic hair section along with olive oil shampoos and dark and lovely products amongst other brands. I bought my Motions wrap lotion from a local store. and it was only £2.99! A steal i feel for such an amazing product. You can also buy it from various online retailers, if you do google search for it I'm sure you will find it.

All in all i am super impressed with this product and i will definitely be purchasing it again, with an average price of £3-£5 it is most certainly one of my holy grail hair products; a must have for all you gals.

If you haven't already and are interested in vintage hair, fashion and makeup please feel free to check out those lovely ladies on Youtube I'm sure dear Sam of Primped Preen N' Peachy would love you to visit her page.

Hugs and Kisses

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