Friday, 1 June 2012

A little bit of history repeating

Highstreet fashion most certainly repeats itself; it can take many years for things to re-surface and it may not be for the best at times but inevitably it does. However, sometimes we vintage ladies will look in a shop window and find a little something with a 50's flared skirt or a nice ditsy tea dress that could have been worn by a 40's housewife and Those little finds are crucial for my wardrobe. Unfortunately, as much as it would be lovely to have a completely vintage wardrobe i don't so those staples i can find on the highstreet can provide a great alternative to a true vintage garment. Plus lets face it ladies, it is quick and easy to wash and take care of a garment made of modern fabric than a vintage one.

I was shopping with a friend in town today and boy did i spot some fab items on the highstreet! I was surprised at the amount of things that i would have gladly spend my hard earned cash on.

Here are just a few of the items i spotted today:

Dorothy Perkins

Lilac spot midi dress Mint pussybow blouse 

  Tan cotton belted pencil skirt  Mint/Ivory collared shell top 

New Look


 River Island


Marks and Spencer

Per Una Cap Sleeve Two Tone Spotted Dress    Limited Collection Pure Cotton Lips Print Blouse     Limited Collection Pure Cotton Knitted Top 


A few surprises there i know! The kelly Brook collection for New Look is absolutely fabulous and Marks and Spencer, who knew it could still produce a few gems!

Some of these items may not be to everyones taste and they will may modern, but they are styled that way. Keep an open mind and your vintage hat on and there can be some great finds on the highstreet just waiting for you to put your vintage stamp on.

Good luck finding your vintage inspired items, i would love to hear what you have found.

Hugs and Kisses


  1. I've been noticing a lot of vintage shaped clothes in the shops too.

    1. It's really nice to see that there is vintage flare in the shops.

  2. These outfits are so pretty! I love them!

    1. Me too! I'm very tempted by the lipstick blouse from M&S :)