Monday, 11 June 2012

Pie in the Sky - Hairy Bikers

As much as i try to be a 50's domestic goddess the one thing that forever fails me is baking. I have strived to master this art but after several soggy cakes and inedible biscuits i either resorted to out of a packet solutions or shamefully bought cakes. This was until recently...

I began visiting relatives armed with a notebook and pen and writing down all the recipes that have been tried and tested and or are old favourites i now am well on the way to having a cookbook that is full of recipes i cant wait to try! This has given me the necessary gusto to attempt to be able to bake wonderful and delicious things that i know my better half will be excited to try.

With this in mind i decided to try to make a pie. He chose the recipe out of one of the books at his mums house which just happened to be by one (in fact two) of my fave chiefs, The Hairy Bikers!

These two lovelies always seem to make good, simple, hearty food and that my dears is just the ticket in my house!

Needless to say i did create a culinary masterpiece! Check it out a freshly made, locally sourced, chicken, ham and leek pie!

As you may well be able to tell i am extremely pleased with myself. This recipe was easy to understand and follow and turned out a tasty treat!

If your out and about and in the mood for picking up a new cookbook, i would recommend this book as there are so many yummy recipes in there i simply cant wait to get stuck into cooking up a storm!

Hugs and Kisses


  1. I love The Hairy Bikers - the Hairy Bikers Bakeation programme recently was ACE, I even bought the book to go with it. Not cooked anything from it yet I just read it and drool!!!!! xxx

    1. Oooh I haven't seen that book will have to have a look for it. I can't wait to do some more! Xx

  2. Hi! Stopping by from the Vintage Network. I'll have to look into this book. My pies need a bit of help!

    -Desiree, Pop-o-matic Deluxe

    1. Trust me if i can make a pie using this recipe then anyone can! xx